• Rep. Thissen Introduces MN Research and Development Authority

    Rep. Paul Thissen introduced legislation today (HF2134) to create a Minnesota Research and Development Authority and fund it with a $500 million investment by the State of Minnesota."There is no reason Minnesota should not be a center of innovation and investment on par with the very best in the world. But to get there we need a big vision that put the state on the map and a robust private-public partnership to put exciting ideas into the marketplace," said Rep.

  • Pioneer Press Praises Rep. Thissen's Legislative Sunlight Bill

    Sure, a new open-data, open-meeting bill makes a political point. But it’s a good one.Minnesotans deserve a reminder that the Legislature exempted itself from provisions of the state’s Data Practices Act and Open Meeting Law.The Legislature “makes every local government and the executive branch follow these rules,” the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Paul Thissen, a Democrat from Minneapolis, told us, “but the Legislature exempts itself.

  • Rep. Thissen Tackles Disproportionate Labeling of African American and Native American Students as Having Emotional and Behavioral Disor

    Rep. Paul Thissen is moving legislation to require school districts to adopt culturally competent policies and provide cultural competency training for dismissal, special education referrals, reading intervention and other intervention services."The numbers don’t lie: far more African American and Native students are being placed in special education and labeled with emotional and behavioral disorders than other students.  And in too many cases that label condemns those students ...

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