• Don Fraser: Thissen Best Choice for MN

    Dear DFLer, Irresponsible leadership in the Governor’s office is costing our state dearly. We must reverse the ill-advised moves of the current Republican administration, including its conspicuous efforts to shift tax burdens away from the well-to-do, and onto the rest of us. The stakes in this election are high and the challenges daunting. I believe that Paul Thissen is the candidate who gives us our best chance of restoring progressive leadership to the governor’s office.   Read More...

  • Paul Thissen is statehouse's smartest, but is he ready to be governor?

    PAUL THISSEN, THE SMARTEST LAWMAKER IN MINNESOTA, crams himself into the passenger seat of a 1997 Toyota Corolla. He sits sidesaddle, with a stack of papers across his lap. In the backseat are a clipboard, a stack of glossy "Thissen for Governor" handouts, and his suit coat.   Read More...

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