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Two Minnesota legislators say they will push to protect net neutrality in wake of FCC decision

“The internet is an essential part of our prosperous economy and an essential part of a healthy democracy, and we need the internet to be a space where people have free speech,” said Thissen, of Minneapolis. “We should not allow the gatekeepers … to block people based on their content or to block people based on the fact that they can’t pay as much.”


Lawmakers want state to take up ‘net neutrality’ fight

“The state of Minnesota and local governments are the ones who give internet service providers the easements, the pole attachment agreements, the rights of way to be able to do business here,” said Thissen, who is also a candidate for governor. “There is absolutely no reason that we should not make sure that when we grant those awards to those companies that we don’t ask something in return.”

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TONKA BAY — South Minneapolis state Rep. Paul Thissen, if elected governor of Minnesota, would get rid of closed meetings at the State Capitol and subject legislators to the same public meetings laws that shed light on city and school officials. His comments came before a group of 25 DFL Party supporters who gathered Thursday, Sept. 21. The group, called Drinking Liberally, meets monthly at Hazellewood Grill & Tap Room in Tonka Bay. Read More ...

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DFL gubernatorial candidates talk health care

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‘We are not done’

Candidate for governor Paul Thissen called on the hospital system to pause the planned transition to give the community a chance to stop the elimination of services in Albert Lea. Over the past five years, Mayo Clinic has made profits that range between $400 million and $800 million per year, said Thissen, who discussed the responsibility he said the hospital has to taxpayers based on the state investment in the Destination Medical Center project.  Read More...


Paul Thissen: Supreme Court should protect Labor Unions

Public employees are the people who make our communities work. They’re firefighters who rush in to burning buildings to save our loved ones. They’re snowplow drivers who make it possible for Minnesotans to make it to work in the middle of February. They’re teachers who stay late after school to help a child finally grasp that math problem. They’re union members who depend on the support of their fellow workers to do their jobs, and to bargain collectively for fair wages and benefits and safe working conditions.

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Representative Mike Sundin Endorses Paul Thissen for Governor 

Representative Mike Sundin, DFL 11A, announced that he is endorsing Paul Thissen for Governor. Sundin, a 3rd term representative from Esko, Minnesota, is also a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. “Paul has a proven record of winning progressive results in the state legislature and I believe he will be the best Governor for working families across Minnesota,” Sundin said. Read More...

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Paul Thissen: One Step to Dismantling Racial Inequality in our Criminal Justice System - Legalize Marijuana

When Philando Castile was pulled over for a broken taillight, Officer Yanez smelled “burnt marijuana” in Castile’s car. Yanez later told investigators that the presence of marijuana made him believe his life was in danger. The tragic results of that traffic stop bring into sharp focus the unfortunate legacy of decades of criminalizing possession and use of marijuana in Minnesota.  Read More...


Rep. Paul Thissen launches run for governor

Minnesota Representative Paul Thissen (DFL-District 61B) announced that he would run for governor on Thursday.“There are two reasons I’m running for governor,” he said. “The first is there are huge economic forces bearing down on Minnesota families and we need a governor that is going to stand-up and fight for the average Minnesotan.   Read More...

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