All-Day Kindergarden for Our Kids!

As students across Minnesota head back to school this week, we have a lot to celebrate. The $2 billion borrowed from our schools has been repaid in full. Earlier this month, we learned that Minnesota students placed ahead of every other state on ACT scores. And the number of schools districts seeking voter approved property tax increases this fall is at a near record low.

But most important, because of legislative leadership over the last two years, thousands of Minnesota kindergarten students will for the first time be able to go to all-day, everyday kindergarten everywhere in Minnesota. For many families, this is not only great to get their kids a jump start to academic success. It also means the families will save the $2,500 or more in out-of-pocket fees that school districts used to charge for all-day kindergarten!

This is the type of success and progress I am committed to continuing to deliver if reelected with a strong DFL majority in 2015. Because the truth is, our work to make sure every child in Minnesota has a great education and a real opportunity to succeed is not done.

Here's to a great 2014-15 school year!


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