Business Succeeds When Employees Succeed - and Minnesota Wins

Over the past two days, I traveled from Little Falls to Duluth to connect with Minnesotans about the challenges of our new economy.  And as usual meeting with Minnesotans made me hopeful.

In Duluth, we met with Eric Goerdt, owner of Northern Waters Smokehaus.  Eric is self-taught in the art of smoking and curing meats and has built an incredibly successful business from his passion.  (You should try it - it's delicious!)  But he is equally passionate about attracting and retaining his employees.  He knows that they are the key to his success.  And as a result, he is committed to their success.  He pays more than minimum wage.  He offers health care and provides sick leave.  According to Eric, "What helps business is taking care of people because they take care of customers."

Eric is exactly right.  In this new economy, we need to take steps to make sure that employees are doing well.  That's the way businesses succeed, our communities succeed, and our state succeeds.  And that's what the Working Parents Act is all about:  sick and safe time so employees no longer have to choose between losing a day's pay and getting healthy; paid family leave to take care of a newborn or a seriously ill aging parent; effective enforcement against wage theft that impacts millions of workers each year; and better scheduling rules that don't wreak havoc with family lives. Here is more information about the Working Parents Act.

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