• Former Minnesota DFL House Speaker Paul Thissen to run for governor

    The DFL field in the race to replace Gov. Mark Dayton continues to grow.By J. Patrick Coolican Star Tribune JUNE 14, 2017 — 11:18PMREAD FULL ARTICLERep.

  • A New Politics

    We need a fundamentally new politics that's not about doing FOR people, but doing WITH people. We don't need one big revolution, but hundreds of smaller revolutions around the state over the real challenges that people face in their lives.    In the months since the November election, I took the opportunity to travel around Minnesota and talk with many of you about our future as Minnesotans together.

  • Consumers Should Have the Right to Oppose Selling or Sharing of Web Browsing Data

    Rep.Paul Thissen successfully added a provision today to require internet service providers (ISPs) who use equipment subject to a franchise agreement, right of way agreement or other contract with the State of Minnesota or local unit of government to obtain a consumer's explicit consent before selling or sharing Web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other companies. In the last week, the United States Congress voted to eliminate broadband privacy rules that would h...

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