Higher Education: Keeping Dreams Alive

Last week, I toured an elementary school in St. Cloud. It was great to see kids concentrating on learning, and the classrooms were filled with energy and excitement. But something the principal said stopped me in my tracks.

In her meetings with parents of first and second graders, she often brings up the idea of making sure the kids and families are planning for success and for college. And time after time, the parents stop her and say, "There is no way we'll ever be able to afford that."

This is tragic! The potential and opportunity of kids, just six and seven years old, is already being foreclosed because college is just not affordable for many families. This is tragic for the kids, for the parents, and for our state as a whole.

That's why we took steps in the last two years to reinvest in higher education -- freezing college tuitions, expanding student grants, and offering recent graduates the chance to refinance crushing student loans at more affordable rates.

We have more work to do, but after years of neglect, I was proud to lead a legislature that finally made Minnesota higher education a priority again.

If that's the kind of progress you think we should continue in Minnesota, please consider making a donation to my campaign and signing up for a volunteer shift or two in the next two weeks.

Thank you,