Minnesota Is Once Again "A State that Works"

Article by: Editorial Board, Star Tribune

"For the most part, Minnesota is once again ‘The state that works.’

Minnesota’s lawmaking season ended last week with a productive flurry. A bonding bill with statewide reach, property tax relief for homeowners and renters of modest means, an overdue pay raise for long-term care providers, longer workplace leaves for new parents, and a spur to better Internet service in Greater Minnesota are headliner accomplishments of the 2014 session’s closing days.

It’s not everything this page had hoped for. But in an era in which gridlock has become the Washington norm and Americans increasingly doubt government’s ability to improve their lives, the 2014 Legislature’s output is reassuring. “The state that works” — Time magazine’s famous 1973 assessment of Minnesota — may not be as apt as it was 40 years ago. But it’s truer today than it was in 2012."