Minnesota: Progressive Leader of the Nation

Under Paul's leadership Minnesota has received a great deal of national recognition for our progressive politics.  It’s a good sign of the progress we’ve made that we are being recognized not just by our neighbors in the Midwest, but nationwide. In fact, during his July 2015 visit to La Crosse, Wisconsin, President Obama touted Minnesota's 2013-2014 policy achievements as proof that middle class economics works.  (See MPR's July 2 story, In Wisconsin, Obama raps Gov. Walker's policies, praises Minnesota.)

In particular, our 2013 legislative session has garnered national attention. Paul's work was named one of the 25 Best Progressive Victories of 2013. I was also honored to be named by the Washington Post as an Emerging Star Outside the Beltway, which recognizes not just my work as Speaker but the victories of the entire Minnesota legislature and all Minnesotans. In the article, Reid Wilson says, “If Democrats are going to show how they would govern if given control, Minnesota stands out as one of the poster children.”

Minnesota: A Liberal Utopia?

Minnesota’s progressivism was featured on MSNBC’s The Ed Show last summer. In a broadcast from Minneapolis, Ed Schultz highlights Minnesota’s “[absolute] change taking place right here in the middle of the country, surrounded by red states.”

He says:

“In the past year in this state, we have seen three things: we have seen fiscal change, we have seen social change, and we have seen something that we never see anything under Republican rule, and that is reinvestment in public education. This state is proof positive that when Democrats get control, things change for the better.”

Schultz emphasizes the passage of same-sex marriage, the protection of worker’s rights, raising taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans, comprehensive health insurance coverage under MNsure, and our investment in schools as major successes we’ve had since 2012. He also reminds viewers that these policies are not just the ideas of the state’s political leaders, but are what the people want. “They are taking this state in a direction where the majority of people in this state want to go.” Watch the full video here.

Continuing to Lead the Nation

Minnesota has become a beacon of progressive values; a model for the rest of the country of how well things can operate when smart, effective legislators with progressive values are in office.

With our budget surplus and the many legislative victories in 2013, it’s easy to see why Minnesota continues to receive national accolades. To keep up this work, we need your help. Consider volunteering this year to help us keep a majority in the House, so that we can continue to do this great work and be an example to the rest of the nation on the effectiveness of solid, progressive values.