You may ask yourself" "Why Should I Care Who Is Governor of Minnesota?"   It's simple: over the next several years, the future of our country will be shaped in State Capitols.

Minnesota is a blue island in a sea of Republican Governors including Scott Walker next door in Wisconsin.  Both houses of our legislature are held by Republicans which means losing this Governor's race sets us up for another state with full Republican control.  And that has significant repercussions for redistricting and voting rights; implementing restrictions on immigrants and refugees, rolling back our commitment to accessible health care - all of which affect national and state politics.

Minnesota during my time as Democratic leader has been able to provide a strong essential counter narrative in the Midwest to the a deeply conservative, right-wing message that has been distorting our national politics.   Here's a few articles as examples:

Under my leadership, "Minnesota showed a path to a high road economic recovery." (see #21)

"Thissen, the speaker of the Minnesota state House, and Bakk, the Senate majority leader, have taken advantage of their majorities to push Democratic-friendly legislation ranging from a state-level version of the Dream Act to no-fault absentee voting and big investments in public universities. If Democrats are going to show how they would govern if given control, Minnesota stands out as one of the poster children."

"There is nothing like this going on anywhere else in the country."

The Minnesota Governor's race will be hotly contested.  Unlike our surrounding midwestern states, Minnesota did vote for Secretary Clinton but only by a narrow 1.5% margin.  Our current governor, Mark Dayton, won by less than 9000 votes.  Senator Al Franken won by 312 votes!  It will take everything we have to preserve a progressive island in the Midwest!